My Nightmare

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I could hear the rain drops falling while I sleep,

I could feel my tears dropping to my feet,

I could feel him cheating while am lying in my bed,

Talking to his new girl, thinking she’s the best,

I mean I don’t understand him, Can’t get why he’s still with me,

All I want to do is leave him, but am trapped in my past, too bad its too sad,

to watch him cry at night and then make up some stupid lies,

He said he’s not cheating, while next to the other girl he’s sitting,

Her smell comes to me, am too blind to even see, am trapped in a room full of dark secrets.

I open a book and guess what I see? a picture of her and him in a seat.

In that moment of silence I felt my heart beat. A new beginning waiting for me.

But guess what its not over, am still stuck in this room, am trapped with a lock and a room filled of sad.

I get near the door, I hear his voice saying I love you.

In that moment I scream as hard as I could. I said am right here and I need help.

I tell the girl to run away because I don’t want her to be another one.

I kick the door and scream his name with anger and as loud as I can,

He opens the door with his furious face and walks over to me and slaps me in the face,

I tell him don’t hit me, I don’t like being mistreated, He tells me I deserve it for being so conceited.

I tried to run away but he grabbed me by my hand, He forced me to sit down and then he turned around,

he went back to his room and he sat on his couch next to his new girl.

I face my fears and my worst nightmare and its time for me to get out of there.

I kick the door as hard as I could, I tried 10 times and the last one worked.

He heard the door and ran after me, too bad he’s too slow for the things that I know.

I ran and ran until I got home and then I said to god “I thank you so much”.

Now The Nightmare is over and I just woke up I realized it was a dream.

Thankful for all of you

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It has been years…
Since we all met and knew each other…
Time sure does fly a lot when you’re having fun…
Shared almost all happy and saddest moments…
You all helped me out when I have so many questions…
Each one was an inspiration for me to strive more…
More than I could ever be…
But just as each chapter in a book ends…
So must I choose another path to explore…
No one can ever tell what life may bring…
Until you have the courage to pursue a dream…
This is just another crossroad in my life…
But for the first time I know which way to go…
I’ve come this far believing…
I will be forever thankful for all of you…
And memories will be forever etched in my heart….
Boundless Memories…
Boundless like an endless sky…
Thank You..

Meeting and Falling for you

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For All my life I have never expected to meet someone who would change me and everything I believe.
From the moment our eyes made contact to each other.
Until the moment we made our first date.
It sure was something I have hoped for a long time.
A long search for someone…
Who would in turn accept me for all my weaknesses…
I have long lived in many unsuccessful relationships.
But just as it seemed that hope was lost forever…
You came and lit the dying flame in my heart.
Everything I believe in and everything I have been searching for…
I found them all within you.
Time sure flows fast.
It seems like yesterday when I first laid my eyes on you.
The fast beating of my heart…
The incredible spark I felt when our eyes met…
A wonderful emotion I would cherish as long as I breathe.
Every part of me is complete.
What I am and Who I am now…
It is all thanks to you and the love you gave me.
There is nothing I would ask more than to have you in my life…
To share every moment with you
I have experienced them all with you…
The sun may set on the horizon to end the day
But the fire continuously burns deep within my heart.
…Because of my undying love for you.
And my love will never fade with time…

Thank You For A Wonderful Year

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Thank you my friend for a wonderful year…You just made it the best

You are like one of the best friends I ever had!

You made me laugh and smile so much!

You were funny while I just stood there laughing

You always made the jokes while everyone laughed

All of my friends had said things that were so funny

But me…I wasn’t quite the person to say anything funny

I swear you can make anyone laugh!

Your just so funny and nice

I swear I can’t find another friend who’s like you

Thank you for making this a wonderful year

I thought it was gonna be horrible like last years…

But you became my friend and I thank you for that..

You never left me after half of the year like some people did

You stayed my friend and really just thank you for that

If I was sad you wanted to know so bad why I was you wanted to help

None of my friends was like that over the past years

You actually helped me with my problems!

I don’t know if we’ll be friends next year…

We’ll just see..

Keep in touch with me!

And thank you for a wonderful year!

Thank You For The Pain

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Okay let me just say something…Thank you for the pain you made me feel

I thought I would never ever feel this kinda pain

But you had me feel this kinda pain

And like I said so many times…I hate you for giving me this pain

You ripped a sister right from my heart!

I never saw it coming

Why did you do this to me?!

What did I do to you?

Is it like pay back?

But I never did anything to make you feel pain like this!

Are you doing this to see me and my friends cry?

Do you just want to see us finally be defeated in this war?

Well you know what…

Me and my friends aren’t gonna be defeated go ahead let this go on

But hopefully you know one day we’re not gonna be the ones who get defeated…

You are gonna be!

And your gonna be the one in pain next!

So let me just say for now…Thank you for the pain…