Gladly thankful

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It’s like me pouring out my heart to you

Saying a thousand words

Saying all my feelings for you

And telling you how I can’t let go

And you just give me these answers

It has no meaning

I shouldn’t feel this way

I don’t know what your meaning

Sometimes I feel no love from you

I just feel down

And sometimes I just want you around

It’s not me,

It’s my heart, It’s use to being incomplete

Shatter and broken

I guess that’s why it’s not used to you

So kind

So different

Nothing from the usual

Now I realize

I’m glad you’re mines .

Always be My Valentine…….

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I can’t tell u how i begin..
out in direction
i never knew what i’m supposed to do
i’m here with no one else..
nothing make better sense without you
have i lost everything..i wished for?
don’t know..anything..
only u know to hear me through silence
you have been a part of me which no one can ever..
thank you so much for loving me like this..
it meant so much to me in all my life..
like the way u loved..u cared..
only its bcoz of u i am still alive
and will live this life till its end
only for a time with u..even if that is
the very last second of my life on this earth..
will celebrate that single second for a lifetime..
alwayzz be my valentine……

Here’s a Good Idea

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So many poems are sad.

So many make you want to cry.

So many are complaining.

So how about this?

We all post a poem where we are talking about what we’re thankful for?

I’m thankful for my family.

I’m thankful for my friends.

I’m thankful for my crush, even if he doesn’t know.

I’m thankful for the school hamster.

I’m thankful for the people that come into my life.

I’m thankful for the books I read.

I’m thankful for the sun.

I’m thankful for my brain that lets me write.

I’m thankful for my teachers, who’ve taught me so much.

I’m thankful for the inside jokes that make no sense at all.

I’m thankful for my tears because they make room for happiness.

I’m thankful for my happiness because I don’t feel the need for tears.

I’m thankful for the haters because they’ve made me who I am.

I’m thankful for my mother who has given me so much.

I’m thankful for my father who has taught me how to stand on my own.

I’m thankful for my faith because it gives me strength when I don’t have any.

I’m thankful for movies to give me escape from reality.

I’m thankful for music to give me something to listen to.

I’m thankful for my uncle to kid me and teach me about sarcasm.

I’m thankful for my life because I can truly live.

Now what are you thankful for?


Quiet day

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It’s been a quiet day
It’s always a quiet day when you’re not around
And colors seem lifeless
And the day adds up to one not living for
Although for the most part
Today is like every other day
The only thing it is missing is you
Yes you
With out you in my world everything has lost its shine
The world holds secrets I no longer care to discover
And opacity that isn’t meant for me

As more time has passed
The colors have returned
Life is worth living for
With or with out you
I rather live without you
Than live a life with you
It is not that I do not love you
But it is not that I don’t hate you
Not because I dislike you
But the fact remains
You were one failure
A non-successful attempt
But lessons must be learned
And now I know
That I can be loved and for that I thank you

I’m Thankful

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When the world gets tough, I look to you.
Im thankful for the things you do.

The way you express and show you care,
I know now, your love is real!

I show you grace &
I see the love on your pretty face.

Your here for me through thick and thin
Yes, my mother is my friend.

Some days are tough and nights are long,
Nothing that you do is wrong.

We go through ditches, but you get us out
Your always here without a doubt.

I can simply see love in you,
It’s in everything you do!

Thank You Poems