My Theme for English B (Rewritten in my own words.)

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My Theme for English B (Rewritten in my own words.)4.9 (98.84%) 69 vote[s]

The instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you— Then, it will be true.

I went home and thought about the questions. Who am I? Where do I … Continue reading My Theme for English B (Rewritten in my own words.)

Emotionally attractive

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Emotionally attractive3.5 (70%) 4 vote[s]

We are pushing through the waves together This back and fourth kind of weather Being in your arms forever I Couldn’t ask for more Your loving smile You caring skin Your sweet brown eyes Your tender kiss All this things just make me weak In … Continue reading Emotionally attractive

Irony of Living

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Irony of Living4.2 (84%) 5 vote[s]

Haze surrounding pale cold faces…

Borrowed faith tied by blinding laces…

Marking ends leaving hollow frames…

Feeding obsession with illusive games…

I can’t hold on against hard questions…

Spawned by your hateful concessions…

Giving all of it, leaving out chunks in my head…

Dissolving, … Continue reading Irony of Living

Amazing Tips to Analyze Sound in Poetry

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Amazing Tips to Analyze Sound in Poetry4.6 (92.73%) 11 vote[s]

Poetry is often beautiful but utterly perplexing. Many fail to understand what it is the poem is trying to convey, while others struggle to identify the rhythm and reason behind the words.

However, with a little understanding poetry can open … Continue reading Amazing Tips to Analyze Sound in Poetry

Three Questions

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Three Questions3.8 (75%) 8 vote[s]

Usually I think what have I done to deserve this pain It feels like something is running within my veins It’s something intangible It’s something valuable I’ve heard once that pain can become addictive I remember laughing once I’ve heard that adjective It’s something logical … Continue reading Three Questions