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Coldness4.5 (90%) 4 votes

Coldness surrounds my home…

Memories are swallowing me..!

Sun won’t shine this time..!!

Am trapped in long gone time..!!

Nobody hear these painful rhymes..!!

Songs of soulless life..!

Coldness surrounds my home…

Memories are swallowing me..

Struggling with what i have…

That i shouldn’t have…

am … Continue reading Coldness

Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

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Bart Adams

Unconditional Love by Bart Adams4.7 (93.33%) 6 votes

There’s a friendship that dwells deep down in the heart, that’s as gentle and pure as a dove. It’s a friendship that most people dream about, one that’s filled with unconditional love.

I know you have days filled with doubts and fears, … Continue reading Unconditional Love by Bart Adams

Cost and debt for life

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Cost and debt for life4.7 (93.33%) 3 votes

Cost and debt for life… Thoughts that lurk my mind…! I am trying to payback.. For all that I never lacked…. Burning questions, twisted philosophy..! Conceiving monochrome of living apathy… Vague purpose nothing makes sense Looking to fill the void and absence … Continue reading Cost and debt for life

The thought never leaves.

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The thought never leaves.4 (79.2%) 25 votes

I know how you feel about this. You cross your arms and you don’t say a word. I’m trying to stay calm. The thought of me trying, it seems so absurd.

You’re changing and leaving, Your mind is bleeding. I don’t want to … Continue reading The thought never leaves.