Un temporary Love!!

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Till death …may we rest, Then forever more.

The Victory Is The Lord’s. Cry Holy, Holy, Holy,

 Save our soul’s, Let the Fire Fall, The lion roar.

 worthy, worthy, worthy, Is the Lord God Almighty.

Lord of Lord’s, King of king’s. The time … Continue reading Un temporary Love!!

Always be My Valentine…….

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I can’t tell u how i begin.. out in space..no direction i never knew what i’m supposed to do i’m here with no one else.. nothing make better sense without you have i lost everything..i wished for? don’t know..anything.. only u know to … Continue reading Always be My Valentine…….

Our Love by paula jeffreys

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A look that strikes right to my heart,

It’s love’s true form, right from the start

A twinkle starts and spreads It’s wings

It travels up, It also brings

A smile, response, an answering gaze,

It’s love returned, a tender face.

I gaze … Continue reading Our Love by paula jeffreys