Un temporary Love!!

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Un temporary Love!!2 (40%) 1 vote[s]

Till death …may we rest, Then forever more.

The Victory Is The Lord’s. Cry Holy, Holy, Holy,

 Save our soul’s, Let the Fire Fall, The lion roar.

 worthy, worthy, worthy, Is the Lord God Almighty.

Lord of Lord’s, King of king’s. The time is … Continue reading Un temporary Love!!

Towards a new goal..

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Towards a new goal..2.9 (57.5%) 8 vote[s]

Situations are always hunting me i couldn’t find my way out things will go worst if this continues.. don’t know how to handle all these but everything is just waste of time tears..cries..pains..everything i have a long way to go and i know … Continue reading Towards a new goal..

Find your center

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Find your center2 (40%) 2 vote[s]

Wake up in the morning, not another day I hate growing anyway and I’m 19 today, god give me a break, lets get a party parade, just for nothing lets celebrate. Hateful times, shattered minds, feelings from the heart hit u like thorns and being poked … Continue reading Find your center

Why me…….???????

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Why me…….???????5 (100%) 7 vote[s]

i saw somewhere these words love is heaven..but it hurts like hell.. very true..a beautiful reality and thats myself is all about.. i don’t even know whats happening to me why i got such a punishment coz i always prayed for my loved ones ? coz i … Continue reading Why me…….???????

Always be My Valentine…….

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Always be My Valentine…….4.7 (93.33%) 6 vote[s]

I can’t tell u how i begin.. out in space..no direction i never knew what i’m supposed to do i’m here with no one else.. nothing make better sense without you have i lost everything..i wished for? don’t know..anything.. only u know to … Continue reading Always be My Valentine…….

Our Love by paula jeffreys

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Our Love by paula jeffreys3.3 (66.67%) 6 vote[s]

A look that strikes right to my heart,

It’s love’s true form, right from the start

A twinkle starts and spreads It’s wings

It travels up, It also brings

A smile, response, an answering gaze,

It’s love returned, a tender face.

I … Continue reading Our Love by paula jeffreys

I’ll Never Love Another Guy

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I’ll Never Love Another Guy5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

But I…

I’ll never love another guy

Thats the truth

The past for me was really hard

But with you ? Its all a better start

So for you

I’ll do everything right

And with you, I’ll cherish all the perfect times

Continue reading I’ll Never Love Another Guy