Disappearing Thoughts

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Disappearing Thoughts2.5 (50%) 4 vote[s]

It is a new kind of thought

One that disappears.

It was here

Clear as a person

And now it has disappeared

With no trace whatsoever.

Not even a memory

Of the kind of thought it was

Or about what it was.

A most impressive

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Chutes and Ladders of Love

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Chutes and Ladders of Love5 (100%) 2 vote[s]

Love is like a puzzle. You have to find and try out all the pieces before things begin to make sense. Falling in love and pursuing a real relationship is no different. Your heart soars up a million flights as though you’ve … Continue reading Chutes and Ladders of Love

Waiting for a Rebirth…

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Waiting for a Rebirth…5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

It’s really unbelievable how we  met

never thought that a person a stranger

in all ways will be so close to me

it started from a friend request

then hai, hellos  as time passed

we were so close friends

pure and beautiful relationship

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Burning of Roses

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Burning of Roses2 (40%) 1 vote[s]

I’ve given you power and allowed your heart to see

Once the sight of blood was intercepted, muscles of the face are flexed

The once before mentioned flamingos were pulled as turkeys

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Sitting with a Dozen Roses

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Sitting with a Dozen Roses4 (80%) 4 vote[s]

Sitting with a dozen roses. The mind flutters as his heart supposes. The busy bodies pass as the lover dreams. Nothing more beautiful than memories of shared ice cream.

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