Somebody That I Used To Know.<3

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Somebody That I Used To Know.<34 (80%) 3 votes

I miss you,

your laugh.

your smile.

the way you make me feel whole.

now that your gone somethings missing inside me,

i don’t know why this had to happen but it did,

god didn’t want you in my life anymore.

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General’s daughter

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In studio window,

I see a sight…

She shakes and twists to a tune I can’t comprehend.

The rhythm of her motion tells me its a sweet tune

That I and Her could intimate-one step-two step to…

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Lost by brianmugere

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Her masacara eroded

Face stained

Eyes pale




T; turned a moster and eaten up my happines, its gone!

Said this- (bastard thing you carry! You think thats my, shit? Damn you! )

I am carrying my cross;

Here withal, rejected contemplating ejection.

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