Eveyday Bullied Girl……

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Eveyday Bullied Girl……3.5 (70%) 2 vote[s]

I go to school everyday. and they always treat me the same. they treat me like I’m some kind of game. it hurts y’know? to go through the pain. to hear people call you lame. then there’re the kids that make you want to … Continue reading Eveyday Bullied Girl……

King (A song)

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King (A song)3 (60%) 2 vote[s]

I don’t understand how he thinks He’s a king When all his treasures have been lost So he has nothing to bring When he’s called for court But he still thinks he’s King I don’t understand this man And how he can take me … Continue reading King (A song)

Depression – by Jennifer

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Depression – by Jennifer4 (80%) 3 vote[s]

I need to know a way I wouldn’t get sent back into the dark closet. Depression steps out and takes his hand out. I have to reach it. He convinces me, he says I’m not good enough. He gives me a ton of reasons for why I … Continue reading Depression – by Jennifer

Mirrors – by jadia hypolite

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She looks in the mirror eyes filled with disgust its something about men she did not trust that fateful night was when it all happened her eyes trailing over her body she hates what she sees bruises that turn from purple to blue looking back she wishes that night … Continue reading Mirrors – by jadia hypolite

Scared Of Beautiful

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Scared Of Beautiful2 (40%) 2 vote[s]

im scared of things that shine… things that gleam… those things are supposed to be in fantasy dreams… im happier with things that are dull… and things that are dark… its much easier than dealing with a broken heart… things that are beautiful send shivers down … Continue reading Scared Of Beautiful