Blink – by Lonely People Champion

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Blink Blink

Blink of an eye

Blink of a firefly

ALL of Creation In the blink of God’s eye.

Every time we blink,

We die

And come alive.


Do we think

When we blink?

We leap tall buildings

In the blink of an eye.

Overcome everything

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Just a Dream – by Greg Cameron

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I dreamed we were running

in a field under a sky

so vast, so blue

it could have been painted

the birds flitting overhead

wished us well

the trees waved at a distance

finally we threw ourselves

on the ground, laughing

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The human race

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Why do we hurt each other? Are we bound to do it? I’ll show you what has happened… Throughout history… There was War… For Beliefs… For Nationalism… For Politics… What has it brought us? The Slaughter of millions… Ever-lasting hatred… More problems that keep stacking up… Peace was considered too … Continue reading The human race

Unborn child (A cry of a desperate mother)

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Devil in my mind, motherhood in my heart.

Your name I had already chose…

Rage is what I feel at moment

I failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am repeating I failed!!!!!!!!!

Don’t tear it down, what’s left of me.

Making my heart a better place, trying to smile more often

Those are … Continue reading Unborn child (A cry of a desperate mother)

Beautiful Destruction

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Whipping around through the air

Lighting up your face

Heat radiating against your skin

Your back is cold,

Turned away from the centre

Of the dancing flames

Warm soothing colours

That are so beautiful

Contrasting the black backdrop

And the dotted stars

From millions of miles away


Engulfing everything … Continue reading Beautiful Destruction