A Promise of a Life Time

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A Promise of a Life Time5 (100%) 1 vote[s] A promise that’ll never shattered. A promise that’ll be flattered. A promise that’ll be brought. A promise that’ll have never been caught. Smiles will be on everyone’s faces, As they will each dances. A promise that’ll wash away tears, A promise … Continue reading A Promise of a Life Time

Step By Step

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All my time

Today, tomorrow and days after

For a solution

For an absolution

From this pain.

Why is everything

Not working?

Why do I feel like sleeping

In the middle of the day,

Every day?

Why is everything insurmountable?

When did life become so uncomfortable?

Every … Continue reading Step By Step

Every reason Everywhere

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Millions of stars I’ve seen all these years never knew their reason for existence and just when we met I figured out why a single look into your eyes was the key to broaden my horizons up to the sky I’ll tell a secret just between you … Continue reading Every reason Everywhere