Why are you trying?

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Why are you trying?Rate this poem

I hate who I loved.

Suppressed and close minded,

I hate that I’m his.

And another,

To eager for me to respect,

Too stupid for me to have trusted.

I hate who I loved.

I find so much comfort in knowing that everything will … Continue reading Why are you trying?

Kenny’s House.

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Kenny’s House.Rate this poem

Three windows,

each one higher than the next,

each one showing more telephone wires and cloud.


A lock and handle,

Speckled by time and grime,

on the door that separates cold and warm,

wet and dry.


There are cracks in the paint equal to … Continue reading Kenny’s House.


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ControlRate this poem

My world’s falling. I am too

The ground’s shaking. I’m going down

The world I’ve left behind

Is controlling my mind.

I’m giving shame and guilt too much time

I’m trading peace for what my minds telling me

It’s time to let God control me

Why control … Continue reading Control

Battle Cry

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Battle CryRate this poem

We are our teenage desires

We are carnal

We are impulsive

Young and blind and infinite

And we don’t care.

I can’t care that you’re disappointed.

So we revel in the beauty

And tremble with anticipation

Waiting for something life changing.

We must grasp the opportunity

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The End (of the Evening, That Is)

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The End (of the Evening, That Is)Rate this poem

Your last relative is gone –

they certainly took their time,

didn’t they? – you sit at the table,

chin on knuckles, looking

as miserable as hell – and when I

offer a sweating mug of coffee

you look up with … Continue reading The End (of the Evening, That Is)

Don’t Say You, “Didn’t Know”

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Don’t Say You, “Didn’t Know”Rate this poem If you died tomorrow not believing in Him Would you go to hell? Do you really care? Flames as red as a rose no where else to go..You misunderstood the Bible Said you really didn’t know….Said you could handle your life on your … Continue reading Don’t Say You, “Didn’t Know”

The Redeemer Rescued Me

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The Redeemer Rescued MeRate this poem

Weak and alone

No one to blame but my own flesh for my mistakes that I’ve made

For the wrong I have done, and the person I have become

It’s all washed away

Every mistake I have made and the wrong I have done … Continue reading The Redeemer Rescued Me

You paint me Blues :(

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You paint me Blues :(Rate this poem

Desperate for changing

Got this hunger for truth…

Sometimes I just wish when everything in love gets so complicated, a day, a moment only can change it….

How in life you can try hard to live, with hopes, but end up in the same … Continue reading You paint me Blues :(

Love takes courage…. <3

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Love takes courage…. <3Rate this poem

Waiting for morning to come…

waiting for the rain to stop…

waiting for the end of the tunnel…

Still waiting for the day you will come back, the day you will realize how much you were wrong, how you took what I had for … Continue reading Love takes courage…. <3

Why do I feel like I’m losing you?

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Why do I feel like I’m losing you?3.3 (66.67%) 3 votes

Here I am again…

Wonder after wonder…

Lonely nights become a second nature…

I would ask you,

but I am afraid I might already know…

I can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness, but baby this one … Continue reading Why do I feel like I’m losing you?

The Dream that Changed my Life

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The Dream that Changed my LifeRate this poem

Purple neon skies,

Rolling sandy dooms,

Bloodline across the horizon,

I find bliss in an euphoric red land.


I look across the desert.

There they sit, lonely,

Glowing Orange-


In that glance I uncover my destiny,

My reason my meaning … Continue reading The Dream that Changed my Life

Drifting in the cosmos

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Drifting in the cosmosRate this poem

Drifting in the cosmos,

Dancing, sifting through stars,

I didn’t know I could smile this hard.

I can feel myself radiating warmth,

But the air around me is cold,

I laugh when I realize the cold doesn’t faze me.

I glance into the distance,

Back at earth.

And … Continue reading Drifting in the cosmos

Upon Consideration

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Upon ConsiderationRate this poem

Upon consideration, my dear,

I put down my book to face you,

knowing I’m forever inadequate

to the task

you smile, knowing the vaudeville of my ways,

the rhythm of my speech, the stops,

the starts, the rhetorical pauses,

the sheer shameless repetition

– routine and … Continue reading Upon Consideration