What Hurts The Most

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When I couldn’t be there for him

When I couldn’t tell him everything

When he walked away

I stood there grieving his absence

Absence I prayed to never return

I wanted to tell him everything that I could

I wanted to know he’s always here

Wanted his love to be my music

Wanted his … Continue reading What Hurts The Most


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Discovering the world is round

Learning how many stars are on the American flag

First president, current president, morals, and ethics

Gaining communication and social skills

Knowing Santa is real

And only good boys and girls receive presents

Never the less almost every child will hold a special key to … Continue reading Children

Happiness in more words than I imagined

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I never wanted this to get too far but the moment I saw you I knew that my life had changed I have always felt that I was put here solely to keep you happy Happiness for me since I met you was only a quick smile away Even though … Continue reading Happiness in more words than I imagined

Dear Society, mass media, and political press,

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I am one out billions of people Do not tear me apart For I have seen what uncontrollable powers you carry Every story and statement can be torn down To two separate sides or more

Do not correct my grammar 4 it is what it is I either can not … Continue reading Dear Society, mass media, and political press,

Life To See Bad and Good

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Crazy ride on the endless world of wild.

Emotions around to feel a deep passion.

Crying tears, smiling laughs, falling up.

Shattered dreams of hope to believe,

Achievements of lasting faith,

To see this life with so many things.

Beauty from inside below,

Ugly picture of a beautiful frame,

Both … Continue reading Life To See Bad and Good

Belle Lune

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Astre majestueux eclairant nos nuits,

Ta rondeur et ton eclat nous rappellent

De lointains et agreables souvenirs.

Depuis bien des millenaires tu es la

N’ayant point perdu de ton rayonnement.

Mois apres mois, tu illumines la terre

Et pour cause des generations entieres

ont contemple et loue ta beaute.

En … Continue reading Belle Lune