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L’infamieRate this poem

Depuis bien des décades, dans la vie tout se dégrade L’enfance déshonorée, elle n’est plus enchantée. Déjà à l’age de lait on nous demande d’être laid, Pourquoi descendre si bas jusqu’à atteindre le plat. Qui oserait penser que notre mère patrie, jadis un paradis Serait si avilie … Continue reading L’infamie

I Love You & therefore

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I Love You & thereforeRate this poem

Someone’s knocking my door Someone’s ringing my bell Someone’s calling my phone I reach the door to realise a smell Its the one I used to adore I’m anxious can’t move a bone You’re the one I’ve been missing

It has been a long while … Continue reading I Love You & therefore

Just If tommorow…

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Just If tommorow…Rate this poem

If tomorrow’s your last day I will love to see you pray

If tomorrow’s your last day I will remember your favorite color which is gray

If tomorrow’s  is your last day don’t forget to laugh and play

If tomorrow’s is your last day don’t … Continue reading Just If tommorow…

Be Strong–Embrace Your Inner Self

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Be Strong–Embrace Your Inner SelfRate this poem

When you close your eyes,

What do you see?

I see a lonely, sad child,

Trying very hard to the best.

Wanting to believe,

Wanting to hope,

Wanting to be loved,

When all is there is none.

Searching for the light,

Wondering, “Why?”

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Wounded Deep Wounds

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Wounded Deep WoundsRate this poem

Time itself cannot erase,

For moment of words stays in place.

Frozen tears to remain,

To try and close the open wounds.

Silent breath to only breathe,

Quiet as the snow drift,

As a dreaded heart to shush.

I’ll be there when you freeze,

To warm … Continue reading Wounded Deep Wounds

Sincerely I’m Yours

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Sincerely I’m YoursRate this poem

Your eyes look like shining stars

Your bright smile with those soft lips

Makes me feel forever free

When we touch

Its fantasy

When we kiss

It’s like flying leaves

I hope this love stays in piece

Because without you I’ll be incomplete

You’re my … Continue reading Sincerely I’m Yours