Seeks a better day

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He found love They were happy together It was a match from above They were picked by the creator

Still in school But seemingly inseparable Like two fish in a rosy pool Definitely adorable

After a while They had their first kiss Ogling saliva and bile This … Continue reading Seeks a better day

King of the jungle

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I saw him, In his jungle palace Yes…on that hill by the stream No doubt…that’s his place

He roared, With such fierce brutality Jostling through the loyal crowd And his princes condescending With huge confidentiality

His mane… Assured him such sartorial elegance As he sashayed along the … Continue reading King of the jungle

My dear swallow

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I thought about tomorrow, And thought about you… You regular swallow, You morning dew.

With you, sunrise comes And a brighter new day. Morning sleep, the stripling shuns, For he hopes to play.

You sing hymns that heal You awaken the still emptiness. Killer insects you kill … Continue reading My dear swallow

Please stop the war

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Please stop the war5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

I hear you guys fight

Very late at night

I have to admit that I’m tired,

Of the yelling and the screaming.


Why don’t you just leave him?

He’s never going to change,

He’s always gonna be like this

I don’t care … Continue reading Please stop the war

Best Friend

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Best Friend4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s]

B-being here for me through thick and thin. E-easily knowing when I’m in need of a friend. S-smiling at me when my days are looking down. T-telling me the truth, your always my round.

F-filling in when no one else was there. R-riding and dying, … Continue reading Best Friend

A Cry From The Wilderness

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A Cry From The Wilderness4.5 (90%) 8 vote[s]

A voice cries from the wilderness Searching to find a friend Someone they hope will care about Their life until its end   I think we all are searching for Someone to understand To share all of life’s good and bad In … Continue reading A Cry From The Wilderness

*Forgive Me*

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*Forgive Me*2 (40%) 2 vote[s]

Baby please forgive me for what I’ve done. I’m holding tight to your heart so please don’t run.

We all make mistakes it’s just a part of life. I still hope someday you’ll make me your wife.

I’m hurting inside and out by not telling … Continue reading *Forgive Me*

The end tempts me

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Mutilated, crushed, abrogated

three words that describe how I feel but slightly.

how I really feel is much worse.

words can only hint at my pain,

at the disgust for myself,

my self hatred and pity.

I deserve nothing but the cold bitter death that awaits me.

at least … Continue reading The end tempts me

A Shattered Heart

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A Shattered Heart2 (40%) 1 vote[s]

Shattered dreams, my days are blue. Nights are wonderful with thoughts of you.

Losing you is what I fear. My heart craves you, when your not near.

My heart is broken. The words I see can’t be spoken.

No one can change how I … Continue reading A Shattered Heart