Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture

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Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture4 (80%) 1 vote

I constantly divulge in meaningless action

I suffer from self-conscious dramatization

My confidence reeks of a transparent back-bone

And I can’t explain this feeling of elation


I haven’t a trait with a memorable essence

I can’t … Continue reading Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture

I Can’t Explain

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I Can’t Explain5 (100%) 3 votes

I love you unconditionally. I just can’t explain exactly what you do to me. Giving me shivers and giving me chills Boy I can’t explain just how it feels. Kissing my lips and holding me tight, Everything that you do is just right. Saying … Continue reading I Can’t Explain

My Emotions Are Confused

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My Emotions Are Confused5 (100%) 2 votes

They change like lightning

They can rumble like thunder

Flow like the rain

Shine like the ice

Wish like the snow

And seeth like a storm


Then slam like a book

They can rustle like pages

Drop like their falling

Shine like … Continue reading My Emotions Are Confused

Please stay

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Please stayRate this poem

My heart is an open wound constantly battered constantly abused,

always tattered always torn it’s been that way since the day I was born.

My whole life has been filled with neglect, pushed away,

loathed and treated with uncanny disrespect. So please understand

I’m not trying to push … Continue reading Please stay

Sometimes I Feel Its Over

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Sometimes I Feel Its Over4.5 (90%) 2 votes

Life is a curse,

Hard and upsetting.

Happiness is a dream,

Something far from happening.

Suicide is a thought,

Alive and in my head.

Pain is my strength,

Like a frame to a bed

My days are pointless. My life is dead.

My … Continue reading Sometimes I Feel Its Over

My escape of love

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My escape of loveRate this poem

I saw you with my soul not my eyes,

my love I had for you ran deep and couldn’t be measured by size.

You said we weren’t meant for each other… that we couldn’t be,

and I swear every time you said it my heart would bleed,

break and shatter by our every fight now it doesn’t matter..

You … Continue reading My escape of love

Ms. Addiction

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Ms. AddictionRate this poem

You are my addiction.

My prescription to this sickness

I admit Im addicted without you, I’ll be different.

You have me higher than I’ve ever been before,

From after the first and second time, I just knew I needed more.

If you were in hell, I … Continue reading Ms. Addiction

Nobody Should Live This Way

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Nobody Should Live This WayRate this poem

My world is full of hate, not love. It’s cold and dark, no light above. It gets harder and harder every single day. Nobody wants to live this way. I should find a hole to crawl in. Then nobody will ever see me … Continue reading Nobody Should Live This Way

I’m Deeply in Love with my Tamer

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I’m Deeply in Love with my TamerRate this poem

Have you heard my heart singing? It sings with the melody of your love… Have you seen my lips wide curve? It smiles with the sweet and countless ways you made me feel so special… Have you seen my eyes shine … Continue reading I’m Deeply in Love with my Tamer

How do I know It is love?

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How do I know It is love?Rate this poem

Temperature rising, Hands caressing

The true love we share is truly a blessing!

The trust we have & what we share

Deep down I know, you really care.

I can say, I truly adore


I can say, I need no more.

Continue reading How do I know It is love?

Love like your losing him

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Love like your losing himRate this poem

Love like your losing him the very next day.

If he says goodbye, don’t say your okay.

Don’t pretend your fine, don’t say your great,

I can see that your eyes are filled with hate.

Just take your time, and don’t be afraid … Continue reading Love like your losing him