Beauty in motion and perspective

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Under the shadow of the sky Grass in the depths of their embrace Watching the wind appease the water On her water ridden face

Stopping the tears run down her cheek With words of sympathy so pure A mumbled slur of “I love you” “I love you too” he said, … Continue reading Beauty in motion and perspective

Why are you lonely

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Why are you lonely? Perhaps because you’re friendless Perhaps because you’re peerless A beautiful person’s heart is lonely An excellent person’s soul is lonely The reason is that they’re matchless The sun is lonely The moon is lonely The stars are countless

Chronic … Continue reading Why are you lonely

Idle Before the Motionless Lights

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Shadows of clouds darken the already night sky for now I will focus on the snowy white peaks that mask on the silhouette of mountains that face above the approaching highway The song on the radio serves a timely reminder as I await before the final intersection idle before the … Continue reading Idle Before the Motionless Lights

Requiem the Mediator

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Don’t you… … Know that The feelings made have a Way of manifesting In our… … Silence Your violence kills all the Problems in my chest Won’t you… … Describe me Paint a picture, my Favourite colour is green Like my heart… … Rotten Forgotten like all our Memories, for … Continue reading Requiem the Mediator

Lonely One Life

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Walking by a cardboard shelter, you hear a quiet plea’ bothered and in a rush, you ignore him’ and continue walking. He’s homeless and continues searching the floor for scraps, he’s helpless and continues searching the sky for hopes. Sure he might take your coins, to buy drugs and alcohol, … Continue reading Lonely One Life

When the hammer hits the glass

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I won’t slither on the floor anymore A lying serpent in a locked fate A boy so angry he won’t utter a word A man encased in a vessel of hate

I can’t feel when I know she’s under The influence of all her friends and foes She dances all … Continue reading When the hammer hits the glass

My tears are my soul’s shower…

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I knew pain, I know pain.

I’ve been betrayed, loved, punished, hated.

If you see me crying, if you see me lamenting it’s so not because I’m weak but because every tears I dropped will make the river go longer and thicker so that the rainbow could  know where I … Continue reading My tears are my soul’s shower…

You are so not all I can do…

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Sometimes when I look at you, I ask God if you are all I can do, and my eyes watered…

shaking my head I whispered to myself no you are so not all I can do…

yes, I can do better, no I don’t have to beg for attention…

I … Continue reading You are so not all I can do…

God knows that I have been trying…

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As the time’s making its way out without a glance to my desperation…

As the morning light comes in the picture, my

Like a deep calm river, no one would see my torment but yes I am dying inside.

I am fighting between my love and my pride

Pride that my … Continue reading God knows that I have been trying…

You are a douchebag

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Boy remember you treated me like a napkin, you wiped your hands in my both parts and threw me away when my inside was still intact, was still clean… remember when you acted like I was nothing but you were still using me at night… Me so dumb to think that I … Continue reading You are a douchebag

I am not that happy :(

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I have been patient for so long. Wondering where the right path is…

I feel,I cried, I struggled but still I pretend to be strong…

I even feel like the time flew away ’cause I don’t have no choice myself…

Would I be able to pretend any longer? The desire of breaking … Continue reading I am not that happy :(

Listen to the confession of my secrets…

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Before everything,I am human… I am weak…

The child I was to the woman I become, still I am fighting with myself…

still fighting my demons…

I had overpower the tears but not the sorrows, not the pains…

My past, they had taken it away from me…

My innocence yes … Continue reading Listen to the confession of my secrets…

Just can’t get enough…

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Sometimes, I feel like the world is affecting my vision on things… I see doubt, where I’m supposed to see certainty… I feel hate where I’m supposed to find love… I see enemy in a friendly smile… I see terrorism in a child’s innocence… debts in a mother’s hugs… What is supposed … Continue reading Just can’t get enough…

Written thougts of an indecisive nobody

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Im honestly just a guy.

as much as said that I’m different and special, i swear to god I’m really not.

when i tell u that i love you, and i miss you…my heart skips, my breath stops and my stomach feels light.

its because … Continue reading Written thougts of an indecisive nobody

The way we used to be

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Look at you now, you’re glowing!

All grown up and amazing

Sometimes you’re naughty

And cute when you’re teasing


You’re full of joy and happiness

Restless and yet enjoying

Not a care in the world

As long as you’re playing


Eat up, drink up

And play the toys … Continue reading The way we used to be

I Wish He Knew How I Felt About Him

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I wish this friend of mines knew how I felt about him

He’s different from my other guy friends

He’s nice and all like the others but way nicer…

I’ve been feeling alone for a long time…

But when I talk to him I feel a lot better

I’m glad … Continue reading I Wish He Knew How I Felt About Him


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August remains the most beautiful month And she remains always, my most prized posession The wind on her face has an essence of love Her modesty always defies my depression

The yellow funeral of fallen greenery Whispers of lust as she passes through silently Whirlpools of leaves sheath their uncanny … Continue reading Yes

Untitled by Herofil Olarte

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I will love you tomorrow

When hearts feel no sorrow

Like a new day that brightens our way

A simple hello I would gladly say


I understand you’re not ready

To trust a stranger in your way

What else do I have right?

Words, words, perhaps you got bored

Continue reading Untitled by Herofil Olarte

The one we love often don’t love us back

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Once in a while we have broken hearts, Both man and women broken apart,

They think crying is the solution I’ve cried so much and nothing gets solve

When we break up it’s like a part of us has died its like we’re barely alive

We are inside a blind … Continue reading The one we love often don’t love us back

I think you should meet her

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She walks with her head high, She talks like a boss, She got a body that most girls envy, and most boys wish to touch

She acts like she doesn’t care while she dies inside, She acts like nothing ever happens because too much run her mind,

She secretly cries … Continue reading I think you should meet her

The hand and the tide

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Nothing in my life could ever impress you My artwork relinquishes any distinction Of me. To anyone else I’m alive, With you I’m a corpse. Disposable fiction

Paragraphs leaving my mouth are abysmal I bore you instantly. I’m so profound Everything I do when I’m in your presence Takes me … Continue reading The hand and the tide

Fragile Hearts

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If this tongue speaks fluently

Would you listen closely?

It’s hard talking with you

For I am afraid I’ll fall so deeply

My heart is so fragile

And your words lingers

Longer than I could say

You’re like a golden sun

That shines along my way

Forgive me, for I’ve acted this … Continue reading Fragile Hearts

I have given you my heart

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I love you more, than words can explain. Maybe that’s why this, has caused me all the pain. I’ve had no feelings, since we’ve been apart. I feel that I have, given you my heart. The butterflies I get, whenever we talk. The way you make me feel, while we … Continue reading I have given you my heart

The life you’ll be remembered

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Drink wine like water

Burn money like paper

Play girls like toys

And you think you’re adorable!


Play music as loud as you wish

You don’t even wash your own dishes

So you think you’re cool

Leaving your mom helpless?


Buy me this, buy me that

Travel there, … Continue reading The life you’ll be remembered

Class two memories

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This emptiness of a room

Takes me memories into the green

Years countable by sticks of a broom

Maybe one and nine…maybe nineteen


Day one in class two

A kid so tender, lonely and timid

It wasn’t like any of the places I’d been to

Bullies for classmates, so sharp-I was … Continue reading Class two memories

Friendship between two people

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Friendship is not a game nor is it a contest friendships are not won friendships are earned friendship is the trust, honor and love between two people it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich or in-between so give your trust and honor and your friendships will show you love like … Continue reading Friendship between two people

The Prettiest Mother in the World

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Her face is no longer smooth,

it is lined by time.

Although she doesn’t look the same,

she is still that dear mother of mine.

She has always given of herself to me,

nothing was I ever denied.

She laughed when I laughed,

she comforted me when I cried.

There … Continue reading The Prettiest Mother in the World