Marie the muse

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Beauty can’t describe how much the world inhales for her She stops the hands of time with just a single flick of hair Those eyes of green and smiles pristine, she walks with confidence But deep inside she is deprived of love she can’t declare

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Just Be, Amazing Me

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Gathering things under a scope attaching to a string of hope after all the time we share am still searching for that thing that would push me to the limit to the moment where i’d dare

countless are the seconds when they’re being count … Continue reading Just Be, Amazing Me

Le Choix

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Pendant ton long voyage de la vietôt ou tard tu rencontras une route diviséen’importe quelle direction tu choisirasil y en aura toujours une autre opposéetu aurais des regrets au fond de toila route que tu n’as pas prise serait toujours làmontrer une vague tristesse dans la … Continue reading Le Choix

Caught by Haze

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Caught by Haze4 (80%) 1 vote

Eight years have passed and I’ve spent them with you But days have gone by since you changed who you are You’re smiling for nothing. It’s all just a game You wouldn’t ever be the same

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A monster in love with you

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You think you’re naive and you’re closed like a book But I am the author and I’ll write forever You say you have problems and that you’re behind Well I’m behind too so we’re starting together

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Smile for me, one last time

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Sometimes I lie there, making up speeches of How much I think about you and your smile But when I roll over and tears hit the pillow I know your leaving will only take time

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Autumn Fallout

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But do you remember the August precipitate? Waiting and watching beneath stars of White Holding your hand and dropping my heart Into the seas of a September night

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Only by the night

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I’ll set the scene to a make believe place And you’ll be the girl who doesn’t stop believing We’ll stay up all night and congratulate fate And destiny on who could be more deceiving

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You Do Not Deserve My Tears </3

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You Do Not Deserve My Tears </33 (60%) 2 votes

Im catching teardrops in my hands, No one can feel my hurt or pain, Im suffering in long depression, I have no one and no protection, I am lost in your rejection, I stand above the ground, Hoping to find … Continue reading You Do Not Deserve My Tears </3

Soul Ambition – Soul Recognition

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I don’t need what so-called religion I’m in search for your recognition I’m here standing my position Having you by my-side is my soul ambition

I don’t care about the past It was never meant to last You hit me like a thunder … Continue reading Soul Ambition – Soul Recognition

Running Away (for a friend)

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Just running. Feeling the wind on my back. Just moving. Getting away from where I am.

Please forgive me. I didn’t mean what I said. Please forget me. It will be healthier that way.

No problems. That’s just a lie. No perfection. It’s … Continue reading Running Away (for a friend)

The reason why I exist to live

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There are things in life that are so precious so precious you can’t take your eyes off so precious you don’t want to lose just seeing you and thinking of you makes you one of the precious thing I don’t wanna … Continue reading The reason why I exist to live

Perdida Sin Ti

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No me dejes sin ti                                                                                                                                                                         

Te quiero ver otras ves

Te busco en mis sueños

Quiero tocar te

Quiero oír tus palabras de amor

Quiero ahogarme en tu amor

Te extraño tanto

Que yo no sé ni qué hacer

Si te … Continue reading Perdida Sin Ti

Imagine this

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Imagine this

A girl happy skateboarding around a neighborhood with her friends No pain just…Happiness She’s got her wonderful friends in real life and on the internet Nothing can ruin the friendship She’s a healthy young girl who’s always active and gives good advice Is caring…Never … Continue reading Imagine this

My Fairy Tale.

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A fairy-tale.

Where to begin.

Once upon a time.

There was a planet.

The planet grew corrupt, and nothing was upright.

But some people, they kept their heads.

And those who did, became the Protagonists in the story.

The ones who turned on themselves became … Continue reading My Fairy Tale.