Underneath that Tree

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Beneath the green tree Lies heaven with color gray Weeping silence goes astray For things never meant to see

Speechless tongue, Gripping hands As you knell faster on the ground Tears fall slowly without a sound Losing faith in ones loving arms

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Imagine this.

Soft sunlight filtering down through a dusty window,

Sitting alone in an abandoned warehouse

Boxes piled up on each other, leaning so far you’re scared they’ll fall

All you can smell is the lingering aroma of the roses he brought you

You trail your fingers … Continue reading Imagination!

Emptiness Unknown

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Emptiness circling my thoughts as they diminish

My heart slowly changing direction as the colours shift

Shades of grey darkening while I stand and watch

Eerie mists dance around the corners of my vision

Suddenly everything seems disconnected from me in some way

Seeing everything from a … Continue reading Emptiness Unknown

Thank You For A Wonderful Year

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Thank You For A Wonderful Year3 (60%) 1 vote[s]

Thank you my friend for a wonderful year…You just made it the best

You are like one of the best friends I ever had!

You made me laugh and smile so much!

You were funny while I just stood there laughing

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I’m Floating

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I shut my eyes and once again the pleasure strangles me

I’m standing closer to the edge then I should be allowed

I’ve reconsidered and I’ve contemplated letting go!

I want to shock the system, do something unknown!

The thoughts in my head aren’t natural.

Someone needs … Continue reading I’m Floating

You are Unforgivable

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You are Unforgivable5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

I’m afraid that what you’ve done is unforgivable

You lied to me and you didn’t apologize!

You ignore me and I doubt you even know you’re doing it..

You don’t even try to make me happy..

You’re disrespectful to my best friend..

You never … Continue reading You are Unforgivable

I was once lost but you helped me back

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So let’s just say I was once lost

Didn’t know my way back

Saw no life around

Then you came along

And helped me find my way back

It took awhile

‘Cause while I was lost I lost my strength every second

But you didn’t seem to mind

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Does Anyone Understand?

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Does anyone understand the pain I have?

People tell me so many things I don’t understand

Does anyone understand what I’ve been through?

I’ve been through fear and pain

I’ve been through losing and ranting

I’ve been through so much drama and so many other things

I … Continue reading Does Anyone Understand?

Dance of the Gardenias

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Hold in cough/illed the rye has been captured and our rewards have been distilled although nothing has been learned our dispositions say quite the opposite an atrophied smile roses are red nose with glazed eyes sitting on top of it

sold in a box filled with more … Continue reading Dance of the Gardenias

What I really want right now

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I want to change I really do But there are many things that I can’t get through. I wanna smile today and tomorrow maybe forever that’s longer, I want to feel the wind in my face, the hotness of the sun and the cold of the water, … Continue reading What I really want right now

The Evening Dies

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The evening dies of its own accord

the quiet, the pleasure of

each other’s company

smiles, wordless rapport

affectionate glances

the interlacing of fingers

she stands before the mirror,

you nestle behind her

she sighs

her lips pull back

as you run your fingers

through her hair

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Great Expectorations

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Inoculate the bell tolls to hear itself toll automatic pragmatic you’ll always be a tot unless you walk across the coals you’ll always be a robot as long as you live in a world without a soul

blister yourself a man tie the knot that hangs your … Continue reading Great Expectorations

You Are Not Who I Fell In Love With

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You Are Not Who I Fell In Love With5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

We have been together, Almost a month now. You always made me feel amazing. One day, I noticed some change in you. Now your just like the rest of them! Your annoying! Perverted! Mean and rude! You’re not … Continue reading You Are Not Who I Fell In Love With

My Reality; Take It Or Leave It

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Both a blessing and a curse, It clouds my judgment. The relief cannot quite mask the addiction The rush of adrenaline as I run it through Has captured me and shall not release! The physical outlet to the mental confusion I cannot feel the emotions or the … Continue reading My Reality; Take It Or Leave It

Calmness Resurrection

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Anxiety pollutes my mind

Calmness cleans up my mind

Anxiety is uninstalled

Calmness is repaired

My anxiety tells lies

However, my calmness tells me truthfulness

Anxiety downloads trenches

Calmness downloads beaches

Anxiety tells me there is no Jesus and Jesus does not exist

Calmness tells … Continue reading Calmness Resurrection