Lonely is forever!

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Lonely is forever!5 (100%) 1 vote[s] Thinking of your eyes! Thinking of your Smile! Haven’t felt your touch in awhile! Thinking of holding you! Thinking of a kiss! All these things I truly miss! Thinking of your laughter! Thinking of your voice! Things would be different if I had a choice! Every … Continue reading Lonely is forever!

My Love, My Loss, My Addiction

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My Love, My Loss, My Addiction3 (60%) 1 vote[s]

In the beginning, there was only one love, my true & strong warrior sent from above! We shared many joys & great memories … it was only 1yr … but felt like a century. Much laughter & love, our time spent … Continue reading My Love, My Loss, My Addiction

The Master Painter

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The Master Painter3 (60%) 1 vote[s]

As he started the day he knew he had the biggest challenge he had ever faced, So he chose the purist colors with no time to waste, Each part he touched so lovingly and made the colors come alive and beautifully bright, And the … Continue reading The Master Painter