Thoughts in Our Heart

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Loving is one thing, that will break your heart. It will make you do things, that you wouldn’t do from the start. It will give you feelings, that you thought didn’t exist. It is what makes you, feel when you’re missed. It makes one believe, there’s a chance and have … Continue reading Thoughts in Our Heart

I Enojoyed You!!!

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I really enjoyed myself with you Last Night, Underneath the dark sky, and reflections of the Moonlight. You touched me so softly, I felt butterflies, Your kisses were so sweet, and just looking in your eyes I enjoyed the way your tongue marked my body everywhere, You didn’t miss a … Continue reading I Enojoyed You!!!

How much does my heart break

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These words my heart holds go unspoken Some take this as gratitude or token All these things I’ve wished you believed But all that happened was me being deceived

If you only knew how much my heart aches and how much it actuall breaks You would’ve probably tried and save … Continue reading How much does my heart break

My dad left me behind in Vietnam War

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Left me behind others to take your place, carrying your blood, your face, and walking with your green eyes.

This tears of joy steamed down my face a sense of peace I felt. I touch that piece of information and placed it in my heart. All these years I always … Continue reading My dad left me behind in Vietnam War

This Paperwork

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 This screwed up blotched paperwork lies in the waste basket. This ‘ready to be disposed of’ remembers being part of the fold, in a pad with others. This once milky white ‘yet to be defined’ turned out to be a doodle. This paperwork became just another ‘throw away’ of no … Continue reading This Paperwork

Your heartfelt love

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Rain falls in the coldest summertime As your agony awakens my soundless night Fading colors in your once joyful life For his great love no longer in sight Thoughts whispers in rhyme Profound words almost bleed my eyes Lost in its darkest melody For someone wishes to be free But … Continue reading Your heartfelt love