Tomorrow's Sunlight

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Before you think of saying goodnight while the sun is still shining its light brings your actions of the day into sight check up on the ones you didn’t do right (if any), promise yourself that with all you might as soon as you see … Continue reading Tomorrow's Sunlight

Until you came into my life

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Air so pure, sun so bright. Until you came into my life What you did and what you said was not right. You said you loved me and the sun came out, You said you needed me and the air was pure. … Continue reading Until you came into my life

A Tribute to Father

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Strong arms for support, to uphold when it’s needed. Strong hands for the guidance to correct and conduce. The voice, at times stern tho’ never austere serves to encourage, to advise, to inspire. The eyes are observant, perceptive and thoughtful. They show kindness, concern, … Continue reading A Tribute to Father

I wanted to be that little girl

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Sitting in my pad with nothing to do, Thinking of the heart ache and pain I put you through. I wanted to be that little girl who made you proud, But sadly things have happened in my life, that simply make … Continue reading I wanted to be that little girl

Cancer of Pain

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Have you ever felt like you were on auto pilot? Watching from behind your own eyes. Not feeling or hearing a thing. Everything purely isn’t from habit and ritual. You watch as the world passes by you with out compassion. Screaming loudly but no one … Continue reading Cancer of Pain

Wonderful Yesterday

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lust, I lusted in yesterday’s down filled pillows feel, I felt the light comfort of a partner that didn’t linger that didn’t dwell nor despair maybe it’s age or the precipitation I stopped relying in ways that earth parted days the rain saturates the rays in … Continue reading Wonderful Yesterday