He broke her heart

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She’s fifteen years old, and experienced love, she’s been hurt more than she can count, and been disgraced.

She’s been teased, made fun of, and called every name, she’s old enough to know, it’s never a game. She fell in love with a man four years her age, she feel … Continue reading He broke her heart


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Memory is a part of meMemories you want to seeMemories from beforeMemories you left outside my doorYour chestnut hairYour melting stareYour green colored eyesThe memories I have insideYour cute smileOur precious timeThe night without lightsThe memories I kept aliveThe memories in the pastThe memories that will lastThe memories I haveIs … Continue reading Memory

You're with her

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And for awhile, I was convinced,that you loved me, no body else.Now I’m hurting, and cry,while you’re with her, tonight.

Oh, the tears keep falling, they never stop,and you’re with her after the moon comes up,and as I cry, holding my pillow tight,I know you’re with her, tonight.

So I … Continue reading You're with her