Sexual Attention

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Sexual Attention3 (60%) 1 vote[s]

he’s my drug and I’m addicted it seems unreal it seems conflicted the way that he touches it seems so real and how his attentions to stumble and seal he tells me things i wanna hear it doesn’t mean nothing and that’s what i fear … Continue reading Sexual Attention

Blood stained heart

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Blood stained heart1 (20%) 1 vote[s]

My blood stained heart will always showFrom so much hurt he did not knowThey said love would make you cryThey didn’t warn me it made you wanna die

My blood stained heart everyone will seeWhat your love can truely beAnd once you hear what’s … Continue reading Blood stained heart

Your mind was elsewhere

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Your mind was elsewhere4 (80%) 1 vote[s]

I looked into your eyes, you turned away. I felt your hand, it was cold.

I tried to smile, you laughed. I enjoyed your company, your mind was elsewhere.

I tried to hold you, you closed your arms. I tried to impress you, … Continue reading Your mind was elsewhere