Life is deceiving

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You take one quick look and you think you know mebut you don’tyou take a quick look at my pageand you judge meidiotyoungdepressand you get that rightWhy?because it’s my words that’s written on therebut if you were to look at my pictures you thinkshyinnocentand smartLooks … Continue reading Life is deceiving

Given Chance

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Somehow it exists in my own little world Knowing it will always be a curse without sign Indeed, can only be seen and be understood In someone’s truthful sight and fearless tongue

Aware or unaware, indeed I made a mistake Hopelessly without your guiding light I … Continue reading Given Chance

Goodbye Lover

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Here in your arms. Im where I wanna be.Everything I knowIs reflected in you and meThe waves crash on our feetI see you drifting awayDon’t chase him says my brainBut my heart feels a different wayEverything I knowEverything I seeEverything I feelIt’s allYou and meYou’re farther … Continue reading Goodbye Lover

Start New

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Love Lasting,I guess you could call it a thing,4 yrs it carried,And now it’s all trying to be buried,My first real love,Got lost above,And threw everything away,There was nothing more to say,After so many times he broke my heart,It was like a shooting dart,So many times,So … Continue reading Start New