Brother, stay strong

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Brother dear it’s time you seejust exactly what you mean to me.No doubt you’ve lost your heart,but suppose you lost your timeinstead, now that would be a crime.Without time we cannot heal,we cannot live and cry,without time we cannot growor even pause to wonder why.Take … Continue reading Brother, stay strong

Saying goodbye to a teacher

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Saying goodbye to a teacher5 (100%) 2 votes

I can never ever say goodbye to the wind , sea and the sky, Because though they may be free, they also make me cry. To take away what I feel dear drains, for me, my inner soul. To you sweet goodbye: … Continue reading Saying goodbye to a teacher

Tiny soldiers

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Tiny soldiers just came in In a room full of robotic machine

Yelling what a good morning Oh, good morning too dearest Little ones

Different sounds Some clicks, some bows Dare not to fight, dare not to cry Like bowwows

Click, click Tick, tick, tick Drag … Continue reading Tiny soldiers

Friendship and a friend

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Friendship and a friend5 (100%) 2 votes

As we journey through this life You will find me by your side Lightning and storm may strike This bond will not break overnight

I may not be always be seen Just like the stars in the heaven Unseen during the day Knowing … Continue reading Friendship and a friend

Only God knows when

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Walking in the aisles of a rotten paradise Underneath the sparkling lights of crimson knights In a place where justice merely just an illusion Manipulated by its shadowed ideas and selfish creed Played by one man’s greedy vision of pure insanity

Deceptive titans of … Continue reading Only God knows when

It's all gone

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It's all gone5 (100%) 2 votes

Nothing mattersIt’s all goneIm empty and she doesn’t careIt doesn’t matterHow I feel or what I sayShe’s far awayAnd wouldn’t stayNo matter what I sayIt wouldn’t matter anywayI used to wait for the dayJust to hear her sayI miss youGuess I was the biggest … Continue reading It's all gone

Who Will Cry For The Little Girl?

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Who will cry for the little girl with nappy hair and roots? Who will cry for the little girl with only a ragged pair of boots? Who will cry for the little girl who cries herself to sleep? Who will cry … Continue reading Who Will Cry For The Little Girl?