Unrecognized Love

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Sweet in composure Elegant in stance Devine in posture And passionate in romance

Believed to be untouchable secretly, seeking love Many find her desirable She doesn’t feel the above.

Defiantly she meets him he sweeps her of her feet In his arms, she finds comfort, for months that … Continue reading Unrecognized Love

The world is much more cruel

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Marks on the insidemake it even with the out. I will show you tough loveand what it’s all about.I might as well bleed herewith you & a razor in your handI don’t feel alive anymore,& I don’t know where I stand.press the blade against my skin, hit an unpleasant violet … Continue reading The world is much more cruel

Long to know you more

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It was the moment when time seems to pause for awhile,I was dazzled and taken for what I had witnessed, feeling weak and defenseless against your lovely face and timeless precious smile,oh dear you take my breath away. I had tried a thousand times trying to ignore you,make you feel … Continue reading Long to know you more

Wish Upon Romance

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Slamming my door, Im confused yet wild. Breaking into tears, Im truly guarded and mild. I cannot help but to hiss and tease, at the one who gives me no release. Entrapped inside my life, un fair. Feelings of indeceiveness, just another affair.

Rolled up in my blanket of security, … Continue reading Wish Upon Romance


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Blinded by the crowd,you cannot make decisions.Intimidated to reveal yourself,scared to be an individual.

You don’t know who you are,following everyone else.No opinion, No choice,you are merely one of them.

You’re trying too hard,not being yourself.Your friends don’t know you,for now you have changed.

You’ve sacrificed it all,only to blend … Continue reading Clones

Brothers, a Shoulder to Cry On

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Brothers, The ones you go to for help, For comfort, For advice. When you just had a fight with mom and dad, Another girl, Or your boyfriend.

Brothers, The ones you go to, to tell them that You’re pregnant, Getting married, Or just … Continue reading Brothers, a Shoulder to Cry On

You cannot hurt me anymore

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You cannot just come and barge in like nothing You cannot hurt me anymore Don’t come with your lips urging to touch mine I don’t want any more scars in my chest I have the strength to say no to your loving words So please go away and never turn … Continue reading You cannot hurt me anymore