A Woman's Smile

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Picture the sky without the stars above,or a forest without trees.Picture a person without a friend to love,or an ocean without a breeze.

Picture a birthday without presents,or a playground without a child.But the saddest picture there is to see,is a woman’s face without … Continue reading A Woman's Smile

The fact really is you never loved me

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Love is a word misused all the time but do you truly mean it and are you truly mine? Don’t just say it cause everyone does cause one day you might just forget what it was. I know our love … Continue reading The fact really is you never loved me

You won’t understand

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Im tired of always putting on a show to hide the pain inside to pretend nothing bothers me when deep inside it’s at its boiling Im sick of not having a true friend Someone who understands Sick of everything and everbody Everything adds up over … Continue reading You won’t understand

Half heart

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Inside of my soulA fiery delightBurning a holeThrough my hearts truthful plightI turn to the life, the times of my mindI turn from the fires of the forthrightful fightThese paths that I’ve takenBe they right or wrong?These decisions I’ve makenShall torment my nightsI throw down the … Continue reading Half heart

I have never seen farther than you

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If Im back like lifeif Im back once againlike an endless waveif Im back to youdon’t tell me that it’s too lateIm back from a so long tripto see the sky in your lookand the beauty on your face

I set … Continue reading I have never seen farther than you