Im thinking of you so lonely

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I didn’t expectwhen you leftthe drizzle kept fallingListening to the drops of the rainI stayed up day and nightSilent tears were flowing out of the eyesthey were the memories that were sobbing in the heartHaving been pained and thinkingI saw this clearly bit by bitHaving looked calmI fooled you and … Continue reading Im thinking of you so lonely

A Dreamer, in years to come

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Someday, I will wave my hand, breathe my heart and reminisce the past, as I look at the orange grace of the sun at me.

Someday, I will set my dreams of how they meant to be thinking that reality really means everything.

Someday, the night will fall onto me, … Continue reading A Dreamer, in years to come

Best friends

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We metwe clicked we’re coolwe’re onewe’re two best friends in the sunAs it shines so brightthere may come the fall into our livesBut best friends we’ll remainRing the phone & I will run to answer your callNeed me for whatever,I will go-”is that all”?For the friendship never endsYou & … Continue reading Best friends

My feelings for you are true

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I never really knew youYou were just another friendBut when I got to know youI let my heart unbendI couldn’t help past memoriesthat would only make me cryI had to forget my first loveand give love another trySo I’ve fallen in love with … Continue reading My feelings for you are true

I Will Wait for You My Love, Forever I Will Wait

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Through passing seasons of precious life, I’ll wait for you. For all the reasons I said tonight, I’ll wait for you. And I’ll wait for you my love, Forever I will wait.

Whatever trouble tomorrow brings, I’ll wait for you. In pain and … Continue reading I Will Wait for You My Love, Forever I Will Wait

My Heart Exploded With Love

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You’re so handsome.Even though Im pretty dumbI think I’ve found love.My heart exploded with itI want to love you only and I do.AlexWhen will you understand thatmy heart exploded with loveso I can hardly stand?If you ever want meIm right here.Im waiting right behind youwanting to hear.My heart exploded with … Continue reading My Heart Exploded With Love

Alexa Sharpe

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You’re in the Phillipines right nowI knowYou’re telling what you went through and how.Yes you are.But Im just a friendUpon me you may always depend.That’s true.Im just a girl younger than youThat doesn’t understand things as well as you do.Im pathetic.Getting along with each other’s easyIt’s simple.Yeah it is.Now you’re … Continue reading Alexa Sharpe

You've made me sad

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You are goneI used to love you.You are goneThat’s the plain truth.You are goneNever coming back.You are goneMy new heart’s black.But since you’re goneI guess it’s okayTo find new loveThe same way.Is that alright?You won’t get mad?‘Cuz even though we used to be in loveYou’ve made me sad.So You will … Continue reading You've made me sad

Tell me, Alex, my secret love

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My heart’s beatin’ soStill cannot explain to ya, though.You’re sweeter than honeyYou’re cuter than a bunny.I cannot tell ya how much love there is in hereCan you hear?My Love, AlexThis is so complex.I wanna be your girlI want you to be my manI want to walk with youHand in Hand.cannot … Continue reading Tell me, Alex, my secret love

Dad, Im your Little Biscuit

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DadEven though you hurt meEven though you cussDadEven though you’re short temperedEven though you always make a fussDadIm always your little BiscuitThat’s the truth.DadEven though I get very angry at youEven though you swearDadEven though you cause emotional problemsSince Im your Little BiscuitI will Always Be There.Im Your Little Biscuit.

Thank you for being my best friend

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Thank you for being with me when I criedthank you for being with me when I tried.thank you for being a best friendthank you for letting me depend.thank you for turning black into redthank you for lending me a warm bed.thank you for making me laugh so hardthank you for … Continue reading Thank you for being my best friend

To Alex, my My Secret Love

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Seeking fun heart to heartI fell underneath this part.Knowing love is something hardI try to remove it from my heart.But for some reason I cannotThat’s not what my mind will want.Because I soon realize there’s a chanceYou may love me too.When I talked to youI thought I was stuck on … Continue reading To Alex, my My Secret Love