I miss our friendship

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Though we are far apartOur friendship is very strongI remember the memories we had before we departedThe time we made prank callThe time we made an April fool joke on Amanda

We stillnot far apartI miss seeing you everyday of the weekI miss our … Continue reading I miss our friendship

We're keeping afloat

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Hanging around this sinking ship, how’d this start?you’re breaking down, and you’re falling apartSplinters of you in my skinapart of me now, you’re breaking inLet’s recover that old treasure chestgrab our memories and burn the restDusting off reminders is an act so jadedlooking back at … Continue reading We're keeping afloat

Its Over and Shes Gone

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Its Over and Shes Gone5 (100%) 1 vote

Thoughts and feelings run through my head. I never thought that’s what you had said. I don’t understand, not anymore. And that’s why I walked through the door.

Did you really say that? Or am I just dreaming? Its like the words … Continue reading Its Over and Shes Gone