First Love Lost

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At seven I was

In the shell

God created for me,

Communing with God.

Unaware of the blue sky above me,

But aware of the sunlight.

When she called my name!

What? Who?

Some one on earth

Knows my name?!

Who? Who?

Oh, she,

Beautiful she.

With beautiful eyebrows

Shielding lovely eyes

That held me in her lovely spell

For seven years.

And then she moved on

To be enthralled herself

by the personification of her whim,

leaving me trapped in the bottle of her love.

And there I remained

All my life.

Women could see me,

but not the bottle

Until you came along.

You had love and vision

That could see


and the bottle.

One swift move

And you had me free

To love you

And be

Your Love Genie

Out of the bottle.

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