An Oscar in Faking Smiles!

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The black sun will shine in my sky,
if you ever leave me! each day i would cry,
There wouldn’t be any happiness, no cheerful smile,
Just tears, scary nightmares, glorifying my life!
When i walk down the pavement with you on my mind,
Memories start flashing, in front of my eyes!
Regardless to say, they make me blind!
It happens with me, every day, pretty every time,
Don’t know why, may be i wish to make ya mine!
I see you in the streets of my heart,
You look like Ms.Universe, standing in your best dress!
I stand in my room, my home that’s doorless,
I wish, would i just go out to the street and kiss u my princess!
I would ask :
Will you stand besides me holding my hand?
cause i would always be with you, until the end,
doesn’t matter wherever i am!
I wouldn’t ever mind, staying awake late night,
if Its 3 a.m., and i got to see ya online!
You say that’s crazy, i reply that’s fine!!
May be that could help me in making ya mine,
If not, then for the whole of my life,
i would rely on painkillers and whacky wine!
You took my heart, and went so far away!
Don’t worry, i am fine :( (not really), living this way!
I wish! just for some more time had you stayed,
and we would have laughed together,
Together, we would’ve played!
It surely ain’t a fairytale!
cause in coming time,
i really hope its gonna take place!
Because you are all what i have!
Time and often i visit the place where we usually met!
But this time ‘m alone in there,
without you! this silence scares!
the place’s still the same,
the same shining marble floor, the same wall frame!
Nothing has changed since when you left,
Neither me, nor the place, and the fact!
That so much it pains,
each passing day heavily it rains!
But hey i still have many more things to say
would you listen ’em all and won’t run away?
Whether we’re together or apart,
You will always be the queen of my heart!
Time would move, and people would change,
But hey i bet! i will still be the same!
the same who will always be at your side,
loving you, protecting you from high tides!—
—In times you are all alone and feeling very sad,
just think that there’s someone who misses you so bad!
And i know, i stand nowhere in your life,
Many guys, so handsome, better than me you’ll find!
i know you would forget me very soon!
then high above in the skies i would look,
and ask the stars and the moon:
–“How’s she looking tonight?”
“So pretty she looks, and here she smiles!”
–“Is she all fine?
any problems of her, make ’em mine!”
To which moon would gently say:
“She’s enjoying the candle light dinner with her fiance!”
And so you would find your Mr.Perfect!
Tears and me, would strengthen our deal,
resignature our pact!
I am not gonna forget you for the whole of my life,
For you i cry, for you i would die!
I would hide this all from the crowd,
This PAIN, These tears have been a secret
and would remain the same from the people around!
But still i am gonna say in silence and pray it turns true
That you and me, be the perfect two!
I am gonna wait forever for you,
Knowing that you had got through!
May be you will be happy and glad at times,
Since long what i had been doing,
i too would do the same, yes i would smile!
the difference bein’ that:
“i am so good at it no one can spot it for a while!
Cause i have an oscar in faking smiles!!”


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