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Some one close to me
Hurt my feelings and hurt me.
It was as if the cane I rely on
Beat me, on and on.
My nurse, because of strife
Plunged in me a knife.
Now it is stuck in me
O why me, why me?
If I take it out
I might spout
My life blood all over
And color red on the clover.
If I leave it in
It hurts within.
O why, Oh why
Under any sky
Would anyone hurt me so,
I don’t know.
But dear God
On earth, hold my bod
I will rest in your grace
While you give me time and space
To know we really live
When we forgive

3 thoughts on “Hurt”

  1. Forgiving is an effective way, if not the best, to relieve pain. The happiness, the hurt, they’re just about how you feel, not really having much to do with others.

    If you want to be happy, then you’re happy, even if others say “hurtful” words (having nothing to do with you); if you’re hurt it’s that you allow it make you feel hurt. Where’s the knife anyways? Invisible, non-existent.

    If it’s someone close to you, then talk to him / her. Perhaps you get him / her wrong. Why will someone close to you intend to hurt you anyways? If the intention doesn’t hurt, then forgive. If he / she is your enemy, then forget.

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