Love is Lonely

The Thousands

The Thousands
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Thousands of people die as we sleep

Thousands of people go hungry as we speak

How can we think about me, me, me

When thousands of people are suffering.

How can we be so cruel?

When thousands of people are dying in this world

Suffering to get food, dying to find food

Walking the mile just to walk it back again

Trying to find a safe place for her baby girl

Innocent and poor, innocent and poor

Laying on the floor, skin and bones

Nothing more, nothing more

Yet…hoping and praying is all that keeps them going

Hoping for the best, praying for the rest, praying for the rest

Little kids coming home from school

To find nothing more than their parents dying on the floor, dying on the floor

Getting robbed of what they do have

To get nothing but a disease, nothing but a disease

That slowly kills, slowly kills

Thousands of people die today

Trying to survive the pain

Survive the pain

Thousands of people die everyday

And we slowly forget them, slowly forget them

Forget that they were soldiers for the LORD

Trying to survive this world.

Survive this world

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