You paint me Blues :(

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Desperate for changing

Got this hunger for truth…

Sometimes I just wish when everything in love gets so complicated, a day, a moment only can change it….

How in life you can try hard to live, with hopes, but end up in the same place?

There’s always a thing, a mistake that makes you come where you started

How do I end up in the same place??

Why am I making the same exact mistakes?

The tears in my eyes I can’t fight back,

Shaking ground I am standing, I swear you were all I needed, you are all I ever need

Once again you paint me Blues when all I ever give you was love.

I wonder why just like the seasons, people always change, never stay the same….

Why do I have to wake my old demons, why did I fall for you again :(

Don’t get me wrong I can be strong, I can be tough

but with you it is just something else…

Sleepless I am, waiting, wishing you were right here

Baby find me here

Get me through this one.

It is like the sky is bleeding above me, and I am blistered…

They say silence is golden, but hun, Loneliness never shine…

Get me through this one

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