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I did all I can

Just to be noticed my love for you

But how miserable it is to be ignored

It feels like I’m a piece of junk to

be thrown away

Its like you didn’t value the memories

and time that we’ve spent together

I remember how we laugh until we cry

The most stupid things that fools can do

But it was before when I was a fool

now I have awakened myself from a dream

of reality that has become a nightmare

I felt too much pain that I can barely breathe

then I looked at myself in the mirror

and saw a reflection of my self

And realized that the pain i felt

made me a coward to love again

but I wasn’t a coward at all

Im just being careful to whom

I fall in love again

One thought on “Miserable”

  1. :) First of all I need to THANK you for writing such a… I am not getting the perfect word which would fit to praise you… I think PERFECT makes more sense… yes this is an eye-opener for everyone out there who failed at first and not trying again… as you said PERFECTLY … Be careful while falling again :) I would be glad if you write more such PERFECT poems which would be useful for everybody out there… Thanks!!!

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