Just the Past

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It is what I have already done
So no regrets will be made
For you were the spontaneous event that happened in my life
Made me a better person
See the world in a better light
But in the end there were many mistakes that were made
And many things that were not done
It would have saved what we had
But I will admit this
Never to you
But I will admit it never the less
I saw it coming
And so I held on
But at some point I knew it was not enough
And I was the first to quit trying
For there was nothing left to stow
And so you had to let go
All this is now just the past
If I had to do it again
And feel the pain I would do it
Just to feel it again
Now if you were to give me second chance
I would deny it
For if what we had could not stay afloat
The first time
The second would be no different
The mind may forget what was forgotten
But the heart will not forget the remains
And so live with no regrets
Because you may be able to relive the past
But you will never be able to recreate it

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