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Once upon a time in a land not so far away
Right in our own city
A sister was born to you
By our mother
To keep you not so lonely
Even though you have only had one year greater than her
You wanted someone to play with
And so I came
Not only into your life, but our mother’s as well
Sassy and talkative
Never ending questions
Annoyance filled your world by this little devil
A mile a minute her cries and words came
Not that you knew what miles meant at the time
But holding your head high
You were still proud that your one little wish was granted
Little did you know than that I was not the only one on the way
And in time
We share two little devil of a bother as well
So once upon a time
Not such a long time ago your wish was granted
And here I am
Still talking a mile a minute
Isn’t that lovely
Your wish to not be so lonely came true
So whenever you need me
Just call or text me
Because you know that I am and will always be here for you

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