Quiet day

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It’s been a quiet day
It’s always a quiet day when you’re not around
And colors seem lifeless
And the day adds up to one not living for
Although for the most part
Today is like every other day
The only thing it is missing is you
Yes you
With out you in my world everything has lost its shine
The world holds secrets I no longer care to discover
And opacity that isn’t meant for me

As more time has passed
The colors have returned
Life is worth living for
With or with out you
I rather live without you
Than live a life with you
It is not that I do not love you
But it is not that I don’t hate you
Not because I dislike you
But the fact remains
You were one failure
A non-successful attempt
But lessons must be learned
And now I know
That I can be loved and for that I thank you

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