Descended Wish

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Foggy distraction cripples my footpath
Fresh scars I’m drowning in their bloodbath
Deep terrible pain, it’s almost unbearable
The curse you had caused is non-repairable
Your sweet poison is my absolute redemption
Your charming eyes are my ultimate addiction

Hear the sound of my heart as it’s breaking down
Read the silence of my poems as they’re written down
Listen to my words before my tongue spells them out
Don’t be senseless; you’re well aware about your clout

Snow is falling freely, freezing my skin but not my feelings
Like a tree is dipped into the soil, standing still and never leaving
A thunderstorm strikes madly; a dream passes by the blink of an eye
There’s no use of running, I can’t hide it anymore nor can I deny
Winds are blowing hardly; clouds are fading but not my emotions
Though the heat is cascading, it’s serving you love and devotion

Every night of my life I’ve been anticipating an angel to fall
And when I saw you I realized that god had listened to my call
An angel of love, an angel of peace and joyful tranquility
What had you left in paradise is out of my responsibility
While the sky cries steadily for losing an angel like you
No one can blame my eyes when they do, not even you
Take me down and bring my heart to its knees
You’re part of it and waiting outside holding the keys
Get inside and hide from the freezing breeze
Or else
Be yourself go and leave all of this behind
Pretend to be deaf, pretend to be blind
Make your choice, you have to decide

Stand up and fight me, wake up and face me
Hit me kiss me or torch me to death
Give me a soul, or cut off my breath
I’ll be the convict or the victim of love
I’ll take the shot for your sake my dove
Whatever you choose, you’ll still be the one for me

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