Happy Birthday Mommy

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Can you believe it
A birthday again
You are turning what now
38 … wait … again
4th-5th year in a row
How lucky
I am sure everyone is curious to know what your secret is
Having kids who did not do the math?
Or worst having kids who believed in it
Year after year ha-ha
Never the less today
It is a special day
June 15th
It is your birthday
That is a cause enough for a celebration
Today is the day where near by family and friends should gather around my mother
And wish her happy health and many more birthdays to come
A gift
In fact any gift I give you may not be enough to accommodate the years you spent here on earth
Or enough to show you my gratitude
Because it only comes once a year
And only last 24 hours in one city and 86,400 seconds in a single day
And so I thought to myself
A birthday card was not enough
And birthday money was still just not enough
So here it is
A poem
Not just any poem
Your poem
A happy birthday poem
A happy birthday poem to my mother
And it goes a little something like this
Roses are red violets are blue
Why can’t all mothers be like you =]
End of my poem
And on an end note happy birthday Mommy

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