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Discovering the world is round

Learning how many stars are on the American flag

First president, current president, morals, and ethics

Gaining communication and social skills

Knowing Santa is real

And only good boys and girls receive presents

Never the less almost every child will hold a special key to their mommy’s heart

And the same key to their daddy

Only a few, very few have aunties and uncles

But the key will open their heart as well

Sometimes not very often, very few children will have a key

That will not open their mommy or daddy’s heart

For when they are left behind

Alone and in the cold

With no one to hold

Right there and then

Let them know

That they are special

And that one day

Not too long


Could be anyone

In this life time

That if they keep on smiling

And hoping

One day

It will open someone’s heart

And they would know what love is

And know that in it all

It was worth waiting for

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