Everything Changes

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I laugh to myself about my past

How pathetic I was

And wish to never go back

I was younger then and older now

Every thing has simply changed

My thoughts

My attitude

My soul

The way I see things now

I don’t know what could have been

I think about what I am now

I had a bright attitude

But it has dissolved

Everything has become so different now

My soul is a more complicated matter

Oh, how I wish it was easy to explain

My soul is a book it has a beginning but no end

It has the past the present but no future

No ending because my soul doesn’t know the ending, the ending varies

No future because my soul can’t tell the future, my future is anonymous

The truth is my soul is all there, in a book; holding every memory I own

With a mysterious ending waiting to be opened

How my life ends

3 thoughts on “Everything Changes”

  1. So true. Everything changes from when you were little up until now.

    At least, you still have a unwritten future that will bring great memories for you to discovered.

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