Love is Lonely

Love is much longer

Love is much longer
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When it rains
we especially need tenderness
Why not come and hold me tightly
near the warmest part of my blood
Who knows how long I could hold out
Who knows if this time is not the final one
Hold me if you are not willing to let me go
Hold me like your protecting a wounded bird
say to me the sincere words
the words can only be said once in all your life
the words can only be understood by me
and – smile (do not cry, do not cry my love)
If you cry what is wet is always my face
If you weep what is bitter is always my heart
Do not worry if it rains too long
Do not complain if I would leave soon
Many many stories have already been eternal at the beginning
There is no reason
need not be any reason
even life cannot manufacture a reason
Love is as long as all dimensions of space
or much—much—longer