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I saw him in black, right in front of me.

A dagger on his right,

a bloody wrist on the left.


Lightning lit the dark room,

thunder breaks the deafening silence.

He is crying, groaning, chanting her name.


I heard a burial song as he screams her name.

Sadness bursts so as the storm.

He continues to cry but its too late, he realizes.


the groaning sorrow embraces him,

and only death could save him.


Blood flows, yet the scream continues,

a scream of longing,

longing for someone never again to come.

A stranger in the past is what he needs.

The poisonous kiss only she can give.

The remedy is only her.


This is the prize of falling in love.

I whisper those words as I watched him dying.

Catching his last breath,

he still utters her name.

I suddenly was choking,

everything turns into white, then darkness follows.

Later I realize, the reflection was I.


This poem was written by my friend Ysoi

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