Wherever you are

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I do not know when to panic, when not to

But, when you are away and the wind stops


I get lost to that darkness, and then I lose

The will to move on….

Then as the elixir comes the call

Sounding tired yet full of love

And the burning heart of mine gets

Back its life and starts to beat again..

No my love.. do not go far again..

But with a smile you turn and disappear

Leaving me at the edge of an abyss,

Deep and uninviting..

I wish you would leave a thread, however


I just want to hold one end and  make me believe that

You are at the other end…, to feel a tug at this end

And then come running back to me..

2 thoughts on “Wherever you are”

  1. What a beautiful poem :)… I know it’s hard to survive in a long distance relationship … but if the love is true and loyal even this entire universe can’t stop you from getting your love … Distance should not matter in a relationship where both love each other more than their life and by reading your poem it seems you’re an extreme lover who can go to any extinct just for love … The last two lines was awesome and it actually shows how pure is your love … thanks a lot for sharing … keep writing more …

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