Tortured for Love

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Love has broken me

And deep inside it tortured me,

My heart’s now turned into stone

Because of broken promises

I cry juicy tears of blood,

Just to let the pain out of me

Thinking of love makes me sick.

Thinking of the broken memories of love,

Makes me hate the world

And tell me not to fall in love again.

Now today is the the day I must leave.

Yesterday was my history

tomorrow is a mystery

And today is a Gift

A day of sadness and grieve

A day to start a new beginning

And in the end I’m going to fail anyway,

so what’s the point of beginning??

Living in a world that no one loves you,

is a pain and full of sorrow.

But In the end you’ll realize that love is never been worthless

‘Cause every broken heart, Someone will try to fix it and help you

to start a new beginning…

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