I loved you

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I remember when you said that you would be here

I guess that was a lie

I dreamed of you all the time day dreaming about your beautiful eyes

You were the best I thought

I loved you

I really did

You said you would be here

You said that you would be true

You lied to me everything you said was false

I hate you so much right now

Because I really did love you

I kept thinking that things would get better

I kept thinking that things would change

I thought about the ups and not the downs only because I really loved you

Every time I felt that our love could get strong

Your turned around and proved me dead wrong

Although, I am smarter now wiser too

I know that you can’t play me like a fool

It pains me to say this but…

I still do love you

One thought on “I loved you”

  1. I really don’t understand how come people could be so fake and hurt someone who loves them wholeheartedly … One has to go through so much pain after giving so much love and they just leave us like they never loved us or never felt our love for them. It just pierce our heart so badly … but with all that pain we can’t forget them and can’t stop loving them … this is what I call TRUE love …

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