Sincerely I’m Yours

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Your eyes look like shining stars

Your bright smile with those soft lips

Makes me feel forever free

When we touch

Its fantasy

When we kiss

It’s like flying leaves

I hope this love stays in piece

Because without you I’ll be incomplete

You’re my melody and you belong in my heart

You’re my best friend until the day we separated

But am not looking forward to tears

Am looking forward to cheers

You and I could fix the atmosphere

We belong together and our love is so strong

I don’t think Romeo and Juliet can’t compare

To the love that we once shared

But I want to tell you I can’t die like this

I need to tell you that if am ever missing don’t worry about

You will soon find me

Don’t you freak out?

Because I’ll be around

Even if am dead i’ll look for you again

And if you never understand

Then let’s make love
in peace so come and fly with me

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