Confession of a friend

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You were never there when I needed you

When I had a problem I couldn’t count on you

I never had your back
like you told me

All that really was was a waste of spit

You always lie and had an excuse

“Can we go to the movies” I asked

“Oh no am busy” you said

But guess what, when you needed help

I was there to help you

But when I needed something it was like I was worthless

I had nobody near me

I had no one to talk to

I thought that you were different but I was wrong

You’re a bad friend and I hope you die in vain

I don’t want to see you

I don’t want to hear

I don’t need am sorry

Because it’s too late

You wasted my time for your stupid mistakes

Nobody wanted for you to stay

But when you left me I learn my way

Never believe in those called “best friend” they don’t exist
at least till this day

Because all they do is hurt you and break you

And when they know you, they make sure to hurt you

They never cared but at least they’re good actors

But I don’t trust forever after!

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