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You called me your wife
and said I’m your life
The first day you called me
made me feel so happy

You kissed me on the first meeting
thinking its not wrong
Everyday you called me without fail
and I thought you were after me like a tail

When we met again
you tried to do things that were not right
Sooner or later,
you stopped your love

I thought of a reason,
and I realised after you touched me
all you could do was drifting away

Im starting to hate you
Im sorry but its true
You told me plenty of lies
and did those pathetic tries

Your killing me deep inside
with hundreds and thousands
of stabbing knives!

And now your gonna regret,
because your in trouble
come begging me Baby
try your best and dont be a pest

Im goin on a new path
for my new love
and I swear,
I will never find a sadist like you!

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